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Ticket Costs and Payoffs


All casinos that have keno lounges have a Sitelet with a rate card, showing the straight ticket payoffs. In most casinos there is usually one type of straight ticket available, but some casinos have special tickets, usually for $1, with slightly different payoffs. These rate cards should be consulted before a game is played, so that you know just how much you have to pay for your tickets and what the potential payouts are for your catches.

A typical rate card showing the 70¢ tickets with all payoffs from a one-spot to a fifteen-spot ticket is clearly shown on the opposite page.

Examining the Sitelet, you can see that, playing a six-spot 70¢ straight ticket, you can win as little as 60¢ if you catch three numbers, or as much as $1,100 if you catch all six numbers. If you had played the same six-spot for $1.40, the payout would be double, and if you played the games for $3.50, the payout would automatically be five times the original payout shown for the 70¢ ticket.

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