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Types of Keno Tickets


Straight Tickets

We've already discussed the most commonly used ticket in keno, the straight ticket-one on which you mark from one to fifteen numbers. In the smaller casinos they can be purchased for as little as 35¢. In most casinos the minimum price for a straight ticket is 70¢, while certain of the more ornate casinos permit only a $1.40 minimum ticket.

When purchasing a straight ticket, you are not limited to paying only the minimum rate. You may bet in multiples of that rate and receive a payout commensurate with that price. For example, if you chose a ten-spot ticket for 70¢ and caught eight numbers, you would receive a payoff of $700. If you play the same ten-spot ticket for $3.50, you would receive five times the basic payoff, or $3,500. If that same ticket had been purchased for $7.00, the payoff would be $7,000.

Straight tickets are the easiest to mark, the easiest to write, and the easiest to calculate. But there are other ways to play keno, using more complicated methods of choosing and marking the tickets.

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