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Way ticket


A way ticket can be defined as a keno ticket marked with at least three equal groups of numbers, each group combining with the other groups to form several straight ticket combinations. A way ticket might look like this, with the fraction is referring to a three-way eight-spot.

Note that each circled group contains four selected numbers, or four-spots. Therefore, when playing this ticket, each four spot combines with the other four-spots to make three possible eight-spots. This means that there are three possible combinations of eight numbers from the three four-spots selected.

To show this more clearly, if we number each four-spot as A, B, and C, the following eight-spot combinations can result: AB, AC, and BC. Each of these groups now contain eight numbers and therefore this ticket will be written as a three way eight-spot. We are using twelve numbers in all to catch an eight-spot winner, giving us a little more leverage in selection.

The ticket shown is written for $2.10, which means that you would pay 70¢ per way, but in many casinos it could be written for only 35¢ a way, even though the house has a 70¢ minimum.

Way tickets are simple to write and simple to figure out, and give you added possibilities for winning by having, in this case, twelve numbers working to win your eight-spot selections with.

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