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Information, information, and more information-it's the heart of handicapping, and it's the one thing most people just don't have. Your local newspaper gives you some, USA Today gives you some, the local media gives you some, and the tip sheets give you some. The problem is that you have to put it all together, and you have to know which parts are accurate, which parts are outdated, and which parts are important.

This is the area of handicapping where a professional service, such as All-Star Sports, has a tremendous advantage over the average player. In today's handicapping world, with satellite feeds, computer banks full of statistics, and betting lines that move on rumors as well as fact, information, and the time it takes to accumulate and assess it, is the heart and soul of picking the winners. We simply have access to one hundred times the information that an average person has, and I strongly advise you to use our services if your primary motivation is to make money at the sports website.

If you wish to do your own handicapping, be sure and consider the following factors which may affect the outcome of most sporting event wagers.

1. Weather conditions at game time. Weather is a great equalizer.
2. Changes in line moves, and the reason for the changes. Do you know what the opening line was, and why it changed? You need to know.
3. Accurate injury reports. One thing that you don't want to do is bet a game and then find out later that a key player did or did not play.
4. Bench strength and depth charts. Do you know who the quarterbacks are, and are they good enough to get you a win if the star quarterback goes down during a game?

If you don't have immediate access to this information-and a whole lot more-consider using a professional handicapping service. And if you choose to use a service, stay with them for at least a month. You can't judge anyone, good or bad, over the results of a couple of days of play.

Sports wagering can be fun-and profitable. Just follow the basic rules, play smart, and you can have the edge.

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The beauty of poker is that on the surface it is a game of utter simplicity, yet beneath the surface it is profound, rich, and full of subtlety. Because poker basic rules are so simple, anyone can learn poker in a few minutes, and novice players may even think they're pretty good after a few hours. From the expert's point of view, the veneer of simplicity that deludes so many players into thinking they're good is the profitable side of the game's beauty. It doesn't take long for pool players or golfers to realize they're outclassed and to demand that a match be handicapped, but losers in poker return to the table over and over again, donating their money and blaming their losses on bad luck, not bad play
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