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Red Dog

The player's objective in this games is to guess if the value of a randomly selected card will fall between the values of two previously exposed cards. The games is played in the following manner:
The player places a bet on the layout (see illustration at the end of this website).

The dealer places two "community" cards (used by all players) in the center of the layout. If the cards are paired, a third card is automatically dealt. If this card matches the pair, the player wins and is paid eleven to one on the initial bet. If it doesn't match the pair, the hand is a push.

If the first two cards are consecutive in value (6, 7 or J, Q, etc.) the hand is a push.
If the cards are nonconsecutive (e.g. 3, 8 or 2, K) the player may make an additional bet, up to the amount of the original bet, in hopes of winning a payoff ranging from even money to five to one if the third card dealt falls between the values of the initial two cards.

If the third card falls outside the range of the first two cards, or ties the value of either card, the original bet and the additional bet are lost.

The only strategy recommended for this games is to not make the additional bet-the raise bet-unless the range between the values of the first two cards is seven or more. Even following this strategy, the casino still maintains an edge of 3.5 percent, which makes it a bad games for the knowledgeable player.

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