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Sic Bo

The object of this games is to guess which dice numbers or combinations of numbers will appear when three dice are rolled. With over fifty betting options available as either single-die, twodice, or three-dice wagers, and payoffs ranging from even money to fifty to one, it would seem that expert strategy would improve the player's chances of winning. In fact this is not the case with this games, because the payoff odds don't come close to matching the true odds of combinations of numbers appearing on the three dice. Consequently the casinos have an edge of 7.87 percent to an incredible 472 percent on all but two of the possible bets. If you must play this games, make the even-money wager on the small bet or the large bet, which still gives a 2.8 percent edge to the casino. In my opinion, you've got to be a sick boy to play Sic Bo!

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