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1. Have two or three places to play, and check the lines at all of them before you place a bet. It has always amazed me that a person thinking about buying a new car, a new suit, or in some cases a gallon of milk, will compare prices and take the best deal available. But that same person will wait until the last minute to place a bet, and take whatever line the sports website or websitemaker gives him.

While the actual betting line only comes in to play about 30 percent of the time over the course of a football season, a onehalf or one-point difference in the line can make a difference between winning or losing four or five games, and for a $100 player that is an $800 to $1,000 swing in the season results.

2. Get your betting limit set at two to three times the amount you intend to bet on each play. If you're a $100 player, get your limit set at $300 per play. If you're playing in Las Vegas, all you have to do to accomplish increasing your limit is to have the cash available.

3. Establish your own personal goals for your sports wagering. This may be the single most important decision you make concerning sports wagering, or any other type of casino wagering for that matter. Determine if you want to wager just for fun, or just for profit.

There is a tremendous difference between wagering for fun and wagering for a living-on both ends of the spectrum-but you should never, never, underestimate the importance of the difference between the two options. Once you have determined which way you want to play, don't try to mix the two. You can only do one or the other. For instance, if you start off just playing for fun, say $25 per play, and you decide to increase the level of your bets and try to make some real money, you'll have to make some serious changes in the way you play. You must know exactly what you expect from sports wagering, and then you must play accordingly.

If you're in your hotel room in Las Vegas reading this website, you should be able to put the website down right now, walk confidently into the sports website, look at the board listing all of the games and events, and place your wager on the team or competitor that you feel will win (or lose) the contest. You should be able to read the board, understand the points lines or money lines, bet on sides or totals, and be able to calculate the amount that you stand to win or lose. You should now know the basics-you can place a bet-but are you ready to spend the weekend in the sports website?
Not quite! There are still many other betting options available, which are all based on the same types of bets that we have covered so far, but with a twist or two.

As you'll see as we discuss each one, most are not good betting opportunities. Most involve allowing the bettor to receive odds on his wager so that he wins far more than he risks. Some allow the bettor to adjust the betting line, and some involve getting out your own personal crystal ball and looking into the future.

But they all have one thing in common: While they are tempting, they are all weighted heavily in the sports website's favor, and they are meant to separate you from your money! Let's look at some of the other wagers available to the sports bettor:

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