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In other pages of this website you've learned everything from playing the "don't pass" to asking for "paint" from some of the most knowledgeable players and gambling authorities in the world, but no website on gambling would be complete without a page about wagering on sports.

Every year in Las Vegas literally thousands and thousands of people walk right past what I think is the best wagering opportunity in the casino. Perhaps they don't keep up with sports-they're not sports fans. They may not know the difference between a quarterback and a quarter mile, but they have one thing in common with every other person in the casino: they are gamblers. Even if you think that Joe Montana is a small town somewhere near Billings or Great Falls, you owe it to yourself to investigate the possibilities of wagering on sports.

Sports wagering is unlike almost all other types of casino gaming, in that you have an excellent chance of success, provided you are well prepared, well disciplined, and well informed. As opposed to most casino games, where the outcome of your wager is based almost entirely on chance and the odds are almost always in the house's favor, the odds on sports betting are not inherently in the websitemaker's favor because you can choose either side of the bet, and you know the line before you place the bet.

There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to wager on sporting events. The vast majority-let me say this again-the vast majority-lose money wagering on sports because of three basic mistakes:
1. They lack the self-discipline required to follow the "rules" which can make them successful.
2. They do not understand money management.
3. They are inadequately informed as to injuries, line moves, weather conditions, and other ever-changing pieces of the information puzzle.

In addition to covering the basics of sports wagering, this page will cover those three problem areas, and several others, with basic guidelines that have proven to be successful.

Following the guidelines will certainly not guarantee success. Just as there is no such thing as a "lock," there are also no systems, rules, or trends that guarantee success every time. Following these guidelines will guarantee you a much greater chance of success, and will put you in control of the wagers you make instead of being controlled by the losses most players incur. Let's start with the basics:

Gutshot and Second Pair
There was nothing spectacular about this hand. I didn't have a particularly strong hand and nothing unusual happened. But I built up the pot with routine aggression. I had a good, solid hand. But it was far from the nuts, and there where many hands that could beat it. Most of the time, there aren't any monsters under the bed, but if you aren't betting your routine hands then you're leaving money on the table.

A check on the river probably would have been even better, to entice a bluff. The one time that passive play is often more profitable than direct aggression is on the river, when it's like]., they won't call with a worse band than yours but they might bluff at the pot if given a chance.
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