Online Caribben Stud Poker Games

Caribbean Stud online poker games has been played on cruise ships and in the Caribbean casinos for many years. It has only been within the last couple of years that the games has gained wide acceptance in casinos in the United States.

Unlike regular online poker games, all players compete against the dealer (or house), eliminating some of the intimidation that participants may feel when competing against other players.

The games is played on a table similar to a online blackjack games table, with up to seven player spots. One standard deck of fifty-two cards is used. Play begins with all players making a mandatory ante wager (usually $5 minimum) in the designated box in front of each player (see diagram at the end of this website). The dealer deals five cards to each player, usually from a deck that has been shuffled by an automatic shuffling machine. The dealer also receives five cards, but the last dealer card is dealt face-up for all of the players to see. Each player then picks up his five cards and makes a decision to either call or fold his hand.

After looking at the cards, if the player believes he has very little chance of beating the dealer-ending up with a better five-card online poker games hand than the dealer-the player can fold by throwing the cards facedown on the table (hopefully, in such a manner as to not offend the dealer!). When the player folds, the player's ante bet is taken by the dealer and the player loses.

If the player believes he has a chance to beat the dealer, he must make a secondary bet equal to twice the size of the initial wager. Thus, a player that made a $5 ante bet must make a $10 call bet, which is placed behind the original wager in the box provided.

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Open Aces with a Big Card
The strength of open Aces with a hidden big card is that the weakness of your hand is completely disguised. If you make two pair, no one will suspect it, as most will think you caught a brick. If you pick up a baby card, your opponents will fear a wheel draw (and you might even backdoor a wheel). If your hand is not developing nicely by fifth street, don't be afraid to give it up against what looks like a made low. By developing nicely I mean picking up a flush draw and backdoor low, or making trips or Aces up. Unless the pot gets very large, it probably isn't worth going past fifth street with Aces only.

Deception is always worth something and in hi/lo split games deception is sometimes worth a lot.
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