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Before we analyze the best play for various kinds of hands, the reader should remember that he or she is playing against the machine and not against other players. To beat the machine, the hand must have the values that give a payoff. First and foremost, any pair of jacks or better (jacks, queens, kings, or aces) will get you your original bet back.
So we value these pairs as payoff pairs. All pairs from 2s through lOs as a final pair give us nothing but a losing hand. The higher pairs, jacks or better, give us our money back. Just as a pair of lOs is no better than a pair of 8s, as far as the machine payoff computer is concerned, so a pair of aces is no better than a pair of jacks. Either pair will get you your coins back and will be proclaimed a winner on the video screen. Of course, in a regular online poker gamess played among individuals, if we have a choice of saving an ace or a jack, we'll save the ace. It has a higher value, but not for video online poker games. Each are equally valued as far as pair payoffs are concerned.
Now, let's look at the kinds of decisions we'll have to make:

1. Three to a Royal Flush vs. Four Flush

We are dealt 9(H) K(S) J(S) 4(S) Q(S).

We have 4 spades to a flush, the 9(H) being the odd card. However, we also have the K Q J of spades, a 3 to a royal flush. In this instance we go for the royal flush. Not only is there a monster payoff, but with some machines there is also an enhanced payoff tied up to a progressive jackpot that increases in value with each play of dozens of machines.
Even without the enhanced progressive jackpot, we want to go after the royal flush. Something else should be taken into consideration. On a number of machines, if you bet from 1 to 4 coins, the payoff on a royal flush is only 250 for 1, but if you bet 5 coins, it jumps to 800 for 1. This is on machines for the most part that. accept only five coins. Our advice is always to play the five coins and go for the big payoff. Saving a coin here and there is foolish, for if you do get lucky, you're cheating yourself out of the monster payoff.

If you go for the flush and throw away the 9(H), all you can hope for is a flush, paying off at 6 for 1. Or a high pair, getting your money back. The other way, you have the chance for a high pair, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a straight flush, and a royal flush. It is therefore to our advantage to go for the royal flush, retaining the K Q J of spades.

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The Huddle
I was proofreading this chapter between hands at a poker table when a classic tell came up. In a hold'em game, a player raised before the flop from the big blind. When he saw the flop of a Queen, a Jack, and a 10, he gave a sneer, a big exaggerated sneer, then went into a huddle to pretend he needed to decide whether to bet.
He'd gone out of his way to pretend he didn't like the flop and didn't know what to do. I thought he'd flopped a straight. It was only two pair.
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