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Betting Progressive Jackpot


Remember, in order to win the progressive jackpot, a dollar token or coin must be inserted in the drop slot before the dealer deals the cards. He then presses a button that lights up the slot, signifying that you are now eligible for the jackpot and all attendant payoffs. Although there are payoffs for flushes and stronger holdings, what you are really after is that royal flush with the big bucks payoff. You'd also settle for a straight flush, another nice payoff. But these are really long shots. Remember that a royal flush comes up only once in 649,740 hands and the straight flush once in 72,193 plays.

Tells and Hand Reading
Tells are physical or verbal mannerisms of other players that you can use as clues about the strength of the players' hands or of the intent of the players. It's an important tool in hand reading. Hand reading is the process of limiting the range of possible holdings of your opponent that involves analysis of tells, habits, behaviors, verbalizations, betting patterns, the way the hand has developed, your playing history with the players, and anything else that might be relevant.

Most of reading hands is about betting patterns; tells help, but you don't always need them. They can be a very important component of hand reading, but they aren't absolutely necessary to do the job in all cases. If you play online, betting patterns and player histories are about all you'll have available.
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