Calling is Correct
We have said that either folding or raising is the correct play against a possible semi-bluff most of the time. There are three situations in which just calling would be correct.
Flush Draws

Not all flush draws are created equal. A flush draw without anything extra going for it should probably be folded. But many flush draws do have something extra. If it has that little something extra, it might be worth taking off a card and seeing if it improves on fourth street.

Sometimes, just a couple of big cards is enough extra to turn a folding hand into a raising hand. For example, a hand like (2? K?) Q? can be a strong start. Of course, it needs to have the spades and the Kings and Queens be live to have significant strength. And probably not be against an exposed Ace.

I recently had this hand when the other players' upcards included two Kings. There were no Queens, no Aces, and no spades showing though. Here, my King was dead, but my door card was very alive. Catching a Queen after raising on third street would probably have been enough to win the pot. That, combined with the spades being completely alive, made it worth a raise after another player had called the bring-in.

But it's probably only slightly best to raise. You might want to just call the bring-in from middle position with this drawing hand, hoping to entice more callers. I think its close.
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