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A Straight with Backup
Of course, sometimes you can start with a marginal draw and get lucky. I was playing Omaha hi/lo split recently and did just that. I was distracted and wasn't really paying attention when I called from midposition with 6• 74 8V 9r. This was a terrible hand. It had no flush possibilities, and the only straights it could make would either have to split the pot with a low hand or be the idiot end of a bigger straight. It was a terrible call. But I got lucky and the flop came down like manna from the heavens, 54 7• 9•.

Top two pair, nut straight, and there was a chance that I wouldn't have to split with a low. Of course, somebody had a flush draw, so it wasn't a perfect flop, but it certainly could have been worse.

I didn't play this hand particularly well. I shouldn't have seen the flop with the hand. But once the flop hit, it serves as a good example of having the nuts with a redraw. I guess a rainbow flop of the same ranks would have been an improvement, but generally it's hard to improve on a nut straight and top two pair.

It was checked to me on the flop, I bet and got one caller. The turn was a scare card for me, the K•. But it was apparently a scare card for my lone opponent also, because he checked and folded to my bet. So, this is not to say you can't win with those kinds of hands. But things have to work out near perfectly for you to win. The game's tough enough without handicapping yourself.
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