The dealer - whether human or programming function - wagers no money and gets no hand to play, but is simply there to run the games, deal the cards, and push pots to winning players. Additionally, the dealer must randomly shuffle the cards so the deal will be fair.

While human casino dealers are professionals who take pride in their work, they're no match for computers in some respects. In Internet online poker games, the games software executes a far more random shuffle and far more rapid deal than even the very finest house dealers can achieve.
Just One Round
Everyone should be comfortable with such a change. If any player is not, the best rule is that the stakes do not change. If your group wants to use a majority rules approach, any dissenters should be permitted to leave early without embarrassment. Players should be consistent, though. A player who pleads for doubled stakes one week while losing should not object on another occasion when he is winning.

Usually, the player who has pleaded for the increased stakes to get even loses even more during that last period. If this regularly happens, particularly to someone who cannot afford the loss, you need to decide just how serious you are. Whether or not you have a moral duty to look out for another player's best interests really depends on whether the game truly is a "friendly" game, or whether, as is often the case in poker, everyone is trying to maximize his own winning chances.

If your game is truly friendly, even though for serious stakes, it makes sense to help a player protect himself from his short-term bad judgment. Most of the time, even when the players like one another, everyone is presumed to be "a grown-up" and must protect himself. In such situations, you may still want to protect a player from himself, figuring that you can shear a sheep many times, but only kill him once. It is often better to ensure the longevity of the game than worry about temporary unhappiness of one player.
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