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The general rule is: The better the players and the smaller the pot, the more you disguise your hand when there are more cards to come. The worse the players and the larger the pot, the more you play your hand normally, without regard to giving anything away. Sometimes, though, playing your hand normally may be the best deception of all against very tough players who expect you to be deceptive.The folowing hand from seven-card stud will ilustrate this point:

Your cards:

Your opponent cards

If a tough opponent acts before you and raises, reraise just as you would against a sucker. A tough opponent who has two kings knows you might be reraising with a three-flush or any number of second-best hands. So you still have your deception as well as an extra bet.
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Big Cross Isn't Always a Burden
In Big Cross, the players are dealt (depending on where you are) two, three, four, or even five hole cards. At the same time, the dealer places nine cards on the board face down, five in a vertical column and four in a horizontal row that shares the center card from the vertical column.

Players first bet after they receive their hole cards. The dealer then exposes the four outermost cards simultaneously, which makes two cards visible horizontally and two vertically. There is a second betting round. The dealer then exposes one more vertical card and one more horizontal card, followed by a third betting round. Then he exposes the remaining vertical and horizontal cards (leaving the center card face down). A fourth betting round ensues and the center card gets turned over, followed by the fifth and final betting round.
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