The Deck
For casino online poker games in general - The Deck is a standard 52-card deck. games involving a joker are rare not only in Internet cash games, but also in the complimentary play-money games found at leading online poker games sites. By the same token, wild cards are seldom used. If you've been playing mostly in home online poker gamess, this may be a big adjustment for you.
Before It tan End with Money, It Must Start with Money
The twenty-eighth through thirty-sixth place finishers at the 2003 WSOP each received about 0.58 percent of the prize pool, which might not sound like much until you realize that the prize pool approached $8,000,000. Therefore, that paltry-sounding 0.58 percent was worth $45,000. That's not bad money for five day's work. As one wag noted, "Some people have to work a whole month to make that much."

The money for these extra finishers has to come from somewhere. Usually it is the winner who takes the biggest "hit ," seeing his percentage reduced down into the low 30s. While final tablists lose a little in percentage when multiple tables are paid, they make less money, because the prize pool is larger.
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