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Double or Nothing Feature


The window of the video machine will display five cards at all times. First, there are the original five cards and then the cards after the draw. For example, we first see:

J(S) 9(H) 9(D) 3(C) 3(S)

Our play is to hold the 9s and 3s, and discard the jack. We do so and buy another 9, so our line of cards now look like this after the draw:

9(S) 9(H) 9(D) 3(C) 3(S)

Assuming that we put in 5 coins, we now have a winner that will pay off 40 coins, at 8 for 1. We can now either collect the forty coins by pressing the cash out button or go for double or-nothing. If we desire to try our luck with this double or nothing feature, we press the "double" button. The five cards will be erased, and instead we'll see the first card, and the back of the other four cards, all looking blank.

In order to collect on this double or nothing shot, we have to beat the first card by selecting any one of the other four blanks as the card we're hoping to beat the first card shown.

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The Loose-Aggressive Player
If it is starting to sound like it's difficult to have a loose-aggressive player in the game if you're passive, you're right. These problems help explain why loose-aggressive players can succeed against certain player line-ups. Loose-aggressive isn't the best of the four styles, but because passive players often can't adjust, it isn't the worst of the four either.

By having the loose-aggressive player on your right, you can at least make your passive decision to call for two bets with more information available to you, which will probably make it a bit more likely you'll be doing battle with a reasonable hand.
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