Factors in Determining Implied Odds
Obviously, the larger the size of potential bets, the greater your implied odds and the more reason you have to call with a hand that might improve to the nuts. However, the other two factors are important too.

In adding the possibility of future bets to the present pot to get your implied odds, you should take into account whether the strength of your hand is hidden. When the cards that help are obvious, you cannot expect to get as much value out of your hand if you make it, since opponents simply might not call when you bet.

When you have a close decision, you should call a bet against weaker opponents more readily than against tougher ones: You can usually assume you are getting higher implied odds from a weak player, who is more likely to call your bet or raise when you make your hand, than from a tough player, who may fold his hand and not pay you off.

Two words of caution. Implied odds obviously cannot apply when either you or your opponent is already all-in or nearly all-in. Secondly, implied odds have little meaning when there is a decent chance that you can make your hand but still wind up second best. If you are going to take a short price from the pot in hopes of winning future bets, you had better be awfully sure that your hand will hold up when you make it.
When Should You Raise?
For example, if you have a hidden big pair, you have a strong hand, but if you have a very small door card, a raise might scare away all your customers, leaving you winning just the bring-in. The reason the raise with a small door card tends to scare them is that they assume you must have something, and since what they see isn't much, they tend to imagine the worst. You do want to thin the field, but with a no-ante game you also want some players-you want to get some money in the pot besides the bring-in. But a raise with that small door card gives your hand away; the other players won't suspect you're raising with a pair of 4s, they'll suspect a hidden big pair.

In this sense, a big hidden pair with a midsized kicker showing is a lot stronger than the same hand with a very small kicker showing. Not because the kicker is more powerful, but because the midsized kicker is more deceptive.
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