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Final Round


At this point, none of the players is given any cash for themselves. They are given equal numbers of non-redeemable chips and are dealt out fifty more hands. At the end of the fifty hands, the player with the most chips wins the grand prize, the player with the second highest total wins second prize, the third highest total wins third prize, and so on to the fourth and fifth prizes.

In October 1995, the grand prize amounted to $2 million. In 1996, the grand prize was raised to $2.5 million, and it is expected to increase again in future playoffs.

These prizes are very enticing. For one thing, unlike lottery wins or even the big Quarter mania wins, they are paid in full when they are won, rather than over a twenty-year period. All grand prize winners are given checks for the full amounts, minus IRS deductions! So are all the other prize winners. With such big prizes dangling before them, many more players will be drawn to Let It Ride® and the popularity of the games should increase with time. I expect more and more casinos to feature the games, and more and more casino tables to be devoted to it.

Shuffle Master Gaming expects to have a tournament playoff every three months. For a listing of tournament casinos, dates of current qualifying rounds, and playoff locations.

Poker gas Changed
Although you've just seen most of the collusion arguments crumbled, you probably should remain a bit careful about mid-limit Omaha. Because Omaha is a game of draws and redraws more than of made hands, knowledge of what cards are or aren't available is far more helpful in Omaha. If a player holds the A? in one of his hands, he knows that a king-high heart flush draw in another is a nut draw.

Curiously, you probably don't have much to worry about at the lower and higher Omaha limits. There isn't enough money available at low limits and in high-limit games (not just in Omaha) Internet poker rooms usually have someone actively policing the game. High-limit Omaha players are pretty good at spotting something amiss themselves, too.
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