First Position Play
When you are first to act with a legitimate hand, you have four options. One is to check with the intention of raising if your opponent bets. Another is to come out betting. The third is to check with the intention of calling if your opponent bets. And the fourth is to check and fold if your opponent bets.

Seat Change, Please
A quick reminder: Don't change seats for superstitious reasons (as Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, "That leads to the Dark Side"~. You try for a change because you want to get certain types of players on your right where you can know what they're going to do before you. Remember, money tends to flow around a table in a clockwise fashion.

The potential of losing your seat entirely aside, there's one other reason why you might not put as much effort into getting a seat change online as you would in a B&M room: Players hop in and out of seats online far more quickly than they do in the B&M world.
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