The Forms of online poker games
online poker games is a generic name for literally hundreds of games, but they all fall within a few interrelated types. There are high games like seven-card stud and Texas hold 'em, in which the highest hand in the showdown wins, and low games like draw lowball and razz, in which the lowest hand wins. There are also high-low split games, in which the best high hand and the best low hand split the pot. Among high, low, and high-low split games there are those like five-card draw, in which the hands are closed, and those like seven-card stud, in which some of the players' cards are exposed for all to see.

Jokers, wild cards, and special rules may be introduced into any of these games to create such aberrations as Baseball, Follow the Queen, Anaconda, and scores of other variations that have spiced up home online poker games for decades. Paradoxically, the two types of players who favor these exotic online poker games variations are generally amateurs who want a lot of action and hustlers who prey on these amateurs because their long experience allows them to adjust more easily to unusual games than their amateur opponents can. However, before a player can become an expert at exotic games, he must understand the basic concepts of standard games.
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Internet Waiting Lists
In Parry Poker. com's lobby, you can see how many different games are currently running at each stake level, how many players are seated in each game, how long each waiting list is, the average pot size, and the average number of hands played per hour. By analyzing this information, you may decide that one particular table at a given stake level is much more promising than another.

Waiting lists work a bit differently on the Internet than they do in casinos. When you visit an Internet "lobby," you can go directly to any table that has an open seat, but if there are no seats currently open at the stake level you wish to play, you can join waiting lists in one of two ways:

- You can join a "global" waiting list where you agree to take the first open seat in any game at your desired stake level, as long as that game has a certain minimum number of players at the table (the minimum to be decided by you).
- You can join several individual waiting lists. Although this process is more time consuming, it is the better way to go. If you join a global wait list, as soon as you get taken to a table with an open seat, your name comes off the waiting list for all the other tables at that stake level.
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