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Four-Card Playing Strategies


With the hands recommended under Three-Card Playing Strategies, you'll still have all your bets riding when you see the fourth card. However, you also will have hands that can possibly be improved with the first bet removed. You should keep the second bet intact with the following hands:

1. Four of a kind
2. Four to a royal flush
3: Four to a straight flush
4. Four to a flush

5. An open-ended straight with at least one high card
6. Three of a kind
7. Two pair
8. A pair of l0s or better

The first four holdings are no braiders. You have a big payout with the four of a kind hand and a shot at some big payouts, especially with the four to a royal or four to a straight flush. At 8-1, the payout for the flush exceeds the odds against getting one, since with four known cards and forty-eight unknown cards, the chances of getting a flush are 9 in 48, or 4.33-1.

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Other Flush Draws
Flush draws other than three to a royal, or an Ace high flush draw are usually not worth playing unless you're in late position on third street and can see the next card cheaply. There are exceptions, such as the one I gave earlier, but the exceptions involve special circumstances. You can also often play three midsized cards to a straight flush for one more card, but only if you're in late position, no one has raised, and both your flush and straight cards are live.
Other flush draws should usually not be played in no-ante, $1 to $5 seven-card stud.
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