The Free Cards
A free card is exactly that. It is a card that does not cost a bet to receive. While players might get a free card (or cards) in draw online poker games if a hand is checked around before the draw, concepts about the free card apply primarily to stud and hold 'em games where there are several rounds of betting.

In general, when you have the best hand, you do not want to give opponents a free card since you are giving them a chance to outdraw you and win the pot. By the same token, when you do not have the best hand, you want to try to get a free card to get a free shot at winning the pot.
The Inaudible Opponent
Fans of the classic television show A7.r1.S.H. may remember an episode wherein rookie poker player Major Charles Emerson Winchester III starts cleaning out everyone in camp in a large poker game. He takes a short break and his fellow players complain bitterly about his luck and his insufferable attitude. "And that whistling! It never stops! He just whistles even louder when he's bluffing!"

"He Just whistles louder when he's bluffing" came the unanimous reply. When Major Winchester returned, he soon got cleaned out.

Few of us have auditory tells as bad as Major Winchester's, but sound-or the lack of it--can tell a very loud story. A nervous player's voice has a different timbre and if someone who has been silent suddenly starts yapping (or vice-versa), opponents have information. They may not know what the information means the first time they encounter it, but they'll know what to do the second time around.
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