Giving or Not Giving a Free Card in Practice
We'll look at two hold 'em hands to see the difference between a situation where you should bet and another where you might consider checking. In both cases there is a medium-sized pot:

Player A
Player B


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Reasons to Play More Than One Game Simultaneously
A couple of big losses follow and not only does the player stop talking about his average, he often stops keeping records. Players want positive reinforcement, but they need reality.

Before you decide that you should play two games at once because you have an established track record of winning one big bet an hour or more, you should log enough hours at your level of choice to have reliable statistical data, not short-term "of course this rate will keep up" data.

A second "pro-multiplicity" argument arises if you're impatient and tend to play too many hands because you can't stand sitting out. A second game lets you be choosier in your starting hand selection because you have twice as many chances to pick up something playable. Because playing too many starting hands is one of the most common (and most serious) flaws in the average player's game, this is one of the better reasons to play multiple games.
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