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Glossary Of Caribbean Stud Online Poker Games


Ace-King Hand. A hand containing a holding headed by the ace and king of any suit, with no pairs. This is the minimum holding a dealer must have to hold a qualifying hand. Ante Box. The rectangular box in which the initial bet is made before the cards are dealt by the dealer.

Ante Wager. The initial bet made by a player. In most casinos, the minimum ante bet is $5. Any Pair. A hand containing two cards of equal rank, constituting a pair, such as two 6s, or two aces.

Bet Circle. The circular area in which a player may make an optional bet of twice his
original wager after examining his cards.

Bonus Payouts. Payouts made to a player by the dealer if the dealer holds a qualifying hand. These range from even-money for one pair to 100-1 for a royal flush.

Call Bet. The optional wager made by a player if he decides to play his cards rather than folding them. This wager is twice the ante bet.

Drop Slot. The slot that receives the $1 bet for the progressive jackpot.

Flush. A hand containing five cards, all) of the same suit, such as five clubs.

Fold. The act whereby the player gets rid of his cards and forfeits his ante bet. Four of a Kind. A hand containing four cards, all of the same rank, such as four 9s or four kings.

Full House. A hand containing three of a kind and a pair, such as three 4s and two queens. Meter. The illuminated device above the table which shows the value of the progressive jackpot.

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Supersatellite Tournaments
You would be hard pressed to find a situation in poker where it is more important to keep track of exactly how many chips you and your opponents have than at a supersatellite final table. You want to take the absolute minimum risk necessary to lock up a seat. Anything more risks giving someone else a better chance than he deserves, and anything less wastes your investment.

Suppose that 77 players do just that, creating a prize pool of $61,600 (800 x 77). (In reality, some of those 105 players would be in for the minimum, while some might be in for $2,025, but pretending our field members all invested the same amount gets us the same result as if they averaged that amount.)

In this super, six players will eventually win seats in the main event and the seventh place finisher will be awarded the other $1,600. Normally, the rule is that you must play a seat won in a super. You can't sell it unless you win more than one or have already bought in for cash.
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