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Glossary of Video Online Poker Games


Cancel Button. The button that enables a player to cancel a previous decision to hold a particular card before the draw. When the cancel button is pressed, the term "hold" will disappear on the screen. Cash Out Button. By pressing this button, the player will receive all coins previously credited to him by the machine.

Change person. The casino employee who makes change for a player prior to play, and who cashes in coins won in video online poker games after play is over. Credit Button. This button allows the player to play out coins credited to him without using his own coins. Some machines allow one credit coin at a time to be pressed, up to the limit allowed; others allow ten coins to be played at once from the credit button.

Deal Button. At the outset of play, after coins are inserted in the machine, this button, when pressed, will show five new cards constituting the online poker games hand.

Draw. To receive new cards, up to five, after the initial online poker games hand has been dealt. Draw Button. The button,
: when pressed, that allows the ; player to draw up to five new cards to his original online poker games hand.

Four Flush. Four cards of the ,same suit, such as 8(H) J(H) Q(H) 3(H), together with an -, ,,odd card. four of a Kind. A online poker games consisting of four cards of the same rank or value, husk.'oar Straight. Four cards in nice, such as 5(C) 6(D) ~S) 8(S), so that there are two ways to make the *aight, either by buying the '4 or 9.

House. A online poker games hand isting of a three of a kind a pair, such as 6 6 6 3 3. ot Straight. A four light that can be made only way, such as 5(C) 6(D) 9(S).

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Suggestions for Those Vulnerable to Tilt
If you go on tilt when you have a huge tournament payday in your sights, tilt can be even more damaging than in money play. If you have a shot at $70,000 but win only $3,000 because you went on tilt, that's one mighty expensive tilt.

Although tournaments are definitely a better arena for the tilt-prone than money games, there's another area where you need to be careful.

There are few worse poker feelings than that moment when your last chips get pushed by the dealer over to another player and you have to stand up from the table and leave. It hurts badly, even if the moment occurs at a final table where you've finished fifth and are taking home a big paycheck. It doesn't feel much better when you bust out one hundred and fiftieth out of 200 starters.
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