Heads-Up On The End
Most of the concepts we have discussed up to now apply to situations in which there are more cards to come and in which there may be more than two players in the pot. However, if the war that is a poker hand continues from the struggle for the antes to the final showdown, it eventually reaches a last round of betting, most often between two players. And in this last round, after all the cards are out, you must sometimes apply concepts totally different from those that were operative in earlier betting rounds. In this page we will discuss these concepts. They apply to any one-winner limit game (thus excluding high-low split) when two players are heads-up on the end.
Avoiding Free Cards
What should you do?

You should probably bet. You might not have the best hand. Someone may have a Jack, but the danger of this is not nearly as large as the danger of giving someone with a hand like 10? 8? or 7? 6? a free chance to beat you. If someone does have a Jack, you have outs. If you do have the best hand and check, then a lot of cards could come on the turn that will give someone a better pair than your measly pair of 4s. Also, by betting you might get someone with a better hand, like 8? 8?, to fold. The free card concept is often a much more important concept in deciding whether or not to bet than is whether or not you have the best hand.
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