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Hold’em Online Poker Games (Texas Hold'em)
Similar to seven-card stud. The main difference is that all the players get just two cards face-down of their own and five cards face up in the middle of the table for everyone's use (called "community cards"). Each player has seven cards to make up the best online poker games hand possible - just that the five community cards are used by all the other players as well. Up to nine players may play at a time. Also, Texas hold'em has only four rounds of betting opposed to five like seven-card stud.

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Chip Tells
This tell is so well known, and such a reliable tell of strength, that some tricky players will fake the tell by making a deliberate glance at their chips in an attempt to dissuade you from betting.

Other chip-related tells come from a player breaking a habit in the number of chips he grabs before it's his turn to bet. Many players don't make a move for their chips until it's their turn. When such a player does pick up enough chips to bet, call, or raise before it's his turn, its almost a sure thing that he has a weak hand and is trying to dissuade a bet.

If a player who usually grabs enough chips to call before it's his turn suddenly doesn't touch his chips until its his turn, then grabs enough to raise but at the last minute only calls, he probably has a fairly strong hand and really just changed his mind about raising at the last minute. This tell is sometimes faked though, so be careful with it. Like all tells, the key to reading it is determining whether it's an act or it's natural. Natural behavior isn't intended to deceive, an act is.
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