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How The games Is Played


The table used is much like a standard online blackjack games table, with seven spots for seven participants. In front of each player are three circles, marked 1, 2, and $. Before the cards are dealt, each player must put at least a minimum bet in all three of the circles. In most casinos, the minimum wager is $5, though

in some smaller casinos less may be permitted. For the purposes of our discussion, we'll assume a $5 minimum bet. The dealer uses a Shuffle Master to deal out the cards. This device automatically shuffles and deals three cards to each player. A regular 52-card online poker games deck is used, without the jokers. The dealer waits till all the players have placed their bets before dealing out the cards. Even though a player has put down $15, or $5 in each circle, he has the option of taking down two of these three bets as the games goes on, as we shall see.

Once the bets are placed, each player receives three cards. In addition, the dealer deals herself two cards, which are known as "community cards." They're called community cards because they can be used by all players to form a hand of five cards, just as would happen in five-card stud. In essence, this is a game of five-card stud, except that each player sees three instead of two cards at the outset of play.

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How Much Should You Raise?
The bring-in bet in the typical $1 to $5 game is $l. You can raise as much as $5, making it $6. You should often not raise at all from early position with a very strong hand. If there are no antes, a raise will often result in winning the dollar. With weaker hands, like a pair of Queens with one of your Queens showing in another hand, you might want to go ahead and raise, since winning the dollar might be as good as you're going to get. But it also might be just as well to go ahead and fold a hand like that from early position. Not that it's not a good start. It's just that when there's no money in the pot, most hands just aren't worth fooling with. If it's very likely everyone will fold to a raise, go ahead and raise and take the dollar. If not, then just fold it.

With a big hand that has some deception value, like an (AA)9 hand, you can go ahead and raise from early position because they'll put you on a pair of 9s and they won't fear that much. But don't raise the full amount just raise a dollar or two. With the same hand from late position, after a couple of limpers have put some money in the pot, you can raise the full amount, or at least $3 or $4.

How much you should raise depends on how strong you really are and your position. With a really strong hand, you should make a small raise from early position and a large raise from late position. With a vulnerable hand, you should probably tend to make a large raise from early position and maybe not raise at all from late position.
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