Inducing Bluffs
When you are up against a player who bluffs too much, rather than stop his bluffs, you should usually induce one. Let's take an example similar to the draw poker example earlier. Once again as the dealer you open with two aces or even two queens, and an aggressive player who originally checked now calls. This player takes one card, and you're sure he's on the come. Since you want this player to bluff, you should go out of your way to take three cards, making it clear you're starting off with only one pair. Now if he bets, you call. Even if you've succeeded in increasing the player's tendency to bluff only slightly, you have gained by inducing a bluff. You have given yourself more winning chances when you call that last bet than you would have otherwise had.

Just as you try to stop a bluff by representing strength, you try to induce a bluff by representing weakness. Let's say you have a high pair in the hole in hold'em, and on fourth street the board is something like :

You should check behind an opponent who checks if you want to induce him to bluff on the end. The only dangerous thing about this play is that you are giving your opponent a free card. If he has an ace, any ace on the end gives him the best hand. However, if he has a small pair, the odds are a long 21-to-1 that he will improve to three-of-a-kind. Of course, if your opponent is slow playing three 9s, you are already beat, and you save a bet. The question you must ask yourself is whether you want to bet on fourth street to avoid giving a free card or whether it's worth trying to induce a bluff on the end.

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Most of the small tournaments do allow rebuys for the first hour, so you aren't automatically busted out of the event if you lose all your chips early. Sometimes, you have to look at the fine print. Tournaments advertised as $5 events with a large guaranteed prize pool often just give you very small initial chip stacks and rebuys get you larger stacks but are much higher. Something like $5 getting you 200 chips to start with, playing initial limits of 25/50 with $20 rebuys getting you 1,000 chips isn't unheard of. I've seen tournaments where the entire initial $5 went to juice so there was no prize pool if there were no rebuys.
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