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Joker wild video machines


Manufactured by Sigma, these machines are found in a few casinos. I first encountered them in the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas, off I-15 and Sahara Avenue on the west side of town.

These machines are intriguing for two reasons. First, there's a joker in the pack-a pure wild card that can be used to enhance any online poker games hand. Second, there's a double or nothing feature that I've not found on other video online poker games machines. Let's now examine the payoffs on this machine.

Jokers Wild Video online poker games

Royal Flush 500 coins
Five of a Kind 100 coins
Straight Flush 50 coins
4 of a kind 20 coins

Full House 8 coins
Flush 7 coins
Straight 5 coins
3 of a Kind 3 coins
Two Pair 1 coin
None of the Above Loss

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