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Keno Video Games


Keno is also available as a video games. The payoffs are similar to those in the regular games without any of the monster payallrs now available, such as the $250,000 one at the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas. And the odds are just as bad, so we suggest that you avoid these machines entirely. The only advantage to video keno is that you can play more games in the same time it takes for a regular keno games to be consummated. To me, that means that you will be losing more quickly. Avoid this games.

Picking the Game
As a beginner, you probably haven't developed the self-knowledge of your own playing style or personality, so game selection can be tougher. But you can still do it. In fact, you have to do it if you want to win.

You'll want to play in loose games. This just means a lot of players who call a bet. Not only are the players in a loose game making a mistake by playing too many weak hands, but they are also playing a lot of hands that give them many opportunities to make mistakes on later betting rounds. Don't forget that your winnings come from losses of your opponents.

Until you get some experience, you probably want to avoid aggressive games. Aggressive opponents put a lot of money in the pot by frequent raises and reraises, but this means you'll also be putting a lot of money into the pot. This tends to increase your risk if you're not sure of what to do or how to react to aggression.

Nuances of preflop hand selection or playing variations on the later betting rounds can add a few dollars to your expected win. But decisions about where to sit can make the difference between whether you're an overall winner or loser.
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