Last Position Play Tips
Last Position Play

If you are second to act when all the cards are out and your opponent bets:

Call if your hand is not worth a raise but has a better chance of winning than the pot odds you are getting. Your chances of winning are the sum of the chances that your opponent is bluffing, plus the chances that your hand can beat his legitimate hand.
Raise if your opponent will still be the underdog after calling your raise. Raise also as a bluff if you think it will work often enough to have positive expectation.
Also consider raising with what appears to be a calling hand if your opponent is capable of throwing away a better hand than yours for one more bet.

If you are second to act when all the cards are out and your opponent checks:

1. Bluff if you think it will work often enough, remembering that a bluff does not tend to work as often in second position as it might in first position.
2. Bet your hand for value if you are a favorite to have the best hand, even when your opponent calls your bet. Don't bet in close situations to avoid a check-raise.

Free Cards and Aggression
The river was Q?. Top two pair on the river isn't much of a hand in Omaha. But these two guys were likely to have been chasing a low, so I bet. I got one caller, he showed 4? 9? K? 6?. Like me, he had a draw for half the pot, but also had a flush draw, so his draw was much stronger than mine, and he had a draw for the whole pot. He called me on the river with nothing but one pair.

His flush draw was for the whole pot because he could make a flush without putting a possible low on the board. I couldn't make my straight draw without putting out a possible low.

My bet on the river was a value bet, but it was a thin one. My thinking was that the flop had a lot of potential draws, none of which got there, one player had been checking and calling, the player who was betting frequently pushed draws, and, finally I thought he'd make a weak call because my hand looked like a draw that had missed since I'd been check/calling.

Through most of the hand, my play was atrocious-passively calling with only faint hopes of winning anything. But just ignore that and think about the river bet. It was a thin bet. But it was a value bet and it was a good one.
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