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Let it Ride The Tournament


In addition to the regular games, with its fixed but relatively small payouts, Shuffle Master Gaming has introduced a tournament limited to players who have received big hands in regular play and have placed a $1 bet on the tournament spot. In order to be eligible for this tournament, this additional bet must be made. It is bet at the same time as the other three wagers, before the cards are dealt out. The tournament spots in front of each player light up when the bets are put down.

By making this extra bet, not only do you have a chance to get into the tournament, which will pay a grand prize of $23 million or more, but you will receive "bonus payments" if you are dealt certain big hands. Here is what those payments look like:
Bonus Payments
Royal Flush $20,000
Straight Flush $2,000
Four of a Kind $200
Full House $100
Flush $50
Straight $25

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An Afterthought-Patience
One thing I haven't stressed as much as I could in this book is how much patience it takes to play poker well. You have to wait and wait until a situation where you have the best of it arises and then pounce on it. But sometimes you'll wait for hours for the right situation, then things don't work out as planned and, even though you have the best of it, you don't prevail. It can be hard to go back into the waiting mode when this happens, but this is what you have to do.
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