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Let It Ride


Let It Ride is a variation of five-card online poker games played as a table games. It was originated by the Shuffle Master Corporation, a publicly traded company, and was first introduced to casinos in Nevada in August 1993. It is presently in over one hundred and twenty casinos worldwide, according to the company's literature, and in those casinos over two hundred tables feature the games. In 1995, "Let It Ride, The Tournament,""' was introduced after extensive field testing. The tournament offers prizes of at least $2 million, with the possibility of even larger amounts.

I've watched the games being played frequently and have spoken to a number of participants. They like the games because it's an easy one to play, and they feel that the rules minimize their losses. As a couple of players told me, "you can last a long time at this games before losing your money." Of course, that's not the best attitude to have towards a game. You want to play to win, not to endure.

Ranking Hands
For some reason, poker players have some sort of compulsion to try to rank starting hands in poker. Hand x is better than hand y. Well, you can't really do that. The value of a hand depends on a lot of things, some of which aren't related to the hand itself. Just as an example, the number of players is an important variable. According to some statistics that Will Hyde calculated and posted on the internet, with two players in hold'em, a pair of 7s is the tenth best hand. But with ten players it's forty-seventh. This is because against just one opponent a pair of 7s will usually win unimproved. But with nine opponents somebody is going to make a bigger pair than 7s.
Don't try to memorize some list of "playable hands." Work on thinking about the totality of the situation and how each variable interacts with your hand to give it value.
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