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Maximum Payout


One other factor should be mentioned at this time. In looking at the cards explaining the games in a number of casinos, I noticed the following disclaimer, "Bonus payouts may not exceed table's maximum payout." What does this mean to a player? In examining the situation further, I discovered that some smaller casinos had only a $5,000 maximum payout, while others went up to $60,000.

Here's what they mean by a maximum payout. The casino will only pay you the maximum amount that they set aside for bonus payouts. If the limit is $5,000, for example, and you wagered $50 on the ante and $10(? additional on the optional call bet and held a royal flush, you'd be entitled to 100 x $100 (your call bet) + $50 for your ante bet. That would be $10,000 + $50 for a total of $10,050. However, if the casino only has a maximum payout of $5,000, you'd only receive $5,000 plus your $50 ante bet for a total of $5,050.

Therefore, if you intend to make some big wagers, find out what the maximum payout is before playing Caribbean stud online poker games. Then use the following formula: divide the maximum
payout by 200 to set your maximum ante wager. You'll get the correct payoff if you hit a royal flush.

I.et’s assume that the maximum payout is $10,000 in the casino you're playing at. Using our formula, divide this by 200 to get 50. So that's all you should bet as a maximum ante wager. If you get the royal flush, then the $100 call bet will be paid off at 100-1, for the correct $10,000 payout.

If you read Card Player magazine, you'll often see articles on poker that compare different variations of the game by a focus on the differences between the games. I don't like this approach because I don't think it helps advance you as a poker player. The different variations all have strong similarities-they're all poker. I think that a focus on the similarities of the different variations helps develop your skills by building on strengths-it helps you learn to use the skills you already have to master new situations. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking the skills you need to play hold'em well are different from the skills you need to play seven-card stud well.

For example, hold'em is sometimes described as a game of hand domination, while seven-card stud is described as a game of live cards. Most writers present these concepts as if they're different things. But they're both ideas with an aim to avoid drawing thin. That's all. There's no difference in the fundamentals of the ideas. There may be a difference in how you implement the idea in the different game variations, but the idea itself is a constant and applies broadly among all forms of poker. Don't draw thin. That's an important poker concept whether you're playing hold'em, seven-card stud, or deuces wild spit-in-the-ocean.
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