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When there are more cards to come, your bluffs should rarely be pure bluffs - that is to say, bets or raises that have little or no chance of winning if you are called, even taking into account the cards you may get on future rounds. Instead your early-round bets should be semi-bluffs, those powerful, deceptive plays. It is important to bluff occasionally on early rounds to keep your opponents off-balance. But why do it when you have only one or two ways of winning? For a pure bluff to work, your opponent or opponents must generally fold immediately. However, semi-bluff has three ways of winning. It may win because your opponent folds immediately, and it may also win either because you catch a scare card that causes your opponent to fold on a later round or because you make the best hand.

Nevertheless, while you should usually restrict your early-round bluffs to semi-bluffs, there is still nothing to prevent you from trying a pure bluff if you feel there's a good chance of getting away with it. If you think your chances of getting away with it are greater than the pot odds you are getting, then you should go ahead and try it. Ante structure we mentioned playing in a game where certain players played too tight for the ante. There was $10 in antes, and if these players were the only ones in the pot, I knew I could bet $7 with absolutely nothing and have a good chance of stealing that $10. My pot odds in that instance were less than 1 '/2 -to - 1, but I knew I could get away with the bluff about 60 percent of the time. So it was a profitable play.

If you do make a pure bluff on an early round and someone raises you, don't try to tough it out. You've been caught. Since you have no out, you don't even have to think about continuing. Give it up, and get on with the next hand.

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Cheating and Collusion on the Internet
The cheater," the naysayers continued, "could also wait until at least one of his hands was great and perhaps another was good. He could trap someone else in the middle, making sure that whenever the cheater had a good hand, he could force the opposition to play a capped (maximum number of bets) pot."

Of course, it doesn't have to be one computer geek in one room. You could have several friends who have unlimited long distance telephone plans hooked up and they could discuss their hands and what best to do. The prophets of doom were certain that this would halt online poker in its tracks.

Although it would be silly to claim that no collusion happens online, the prophets of online poker doom can go get in line with the stock pickers who told their clients to remain heavily invested in the dot.com boom. Not all predictions come to pass. Let's see why the "collusion will kill online poker" predictions didn't.
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