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Odds Against Dealt Pat Hands


At this point, it is interesting to see the actual chances of being dealt these "pat hands." By pat hands, our mean hands that are made up of only five cards, none of which can be discarded and replaced with fresh ones, as is the case in draw online poker games and most forms of video online poker games.

Holding Odds Against

Any pair 1.37-1
Two pair 20-1
Three of a Kind 46-I
Straight 254-1
Flush 508-1
Full House 693-1
Four of a Kind 4,165-1
Straight Flush 72,192-1
Royal Flush 649,739-1

Well, with these odds, the player's situation doesn't look that good at all. A player will get 2-1 for two pair when the true payout should be 20-1. And the situation gets worse the bigger the hand. The odds against getting a pat flush are 5081, whereas the payout is a paltry 5-1. Four of a kind comes but once every 4,165 hands, but all the casino will give you is 20-1. And a royal flush, the best of all online poker games hands, consisting of an ace, king, queen, jack and ten of one suit, comes but once every 649,740 hands. And the casino will pay you off at 100-1 for this beauty.

Just how often does a royal flush come up in Caribbean stud online poker games? our asked a floor man at a Strip hotel, where the meter on the progressive jackpot was at $243,000.

We was told that it came up at that casino only twice in the last three years. A pit boss at a downtown casino said the hand had come up four times in the last three years. In other words, someone is going to get a royal flush less than once a year, playing at a particular casino.

Taking everything into consideration, Caribbean stud online poker games gives the house an advantage, as we will see, of about 5.27 percent.

Since hi/lo split games in casinos are played with a qualifier, requiring 8-low or better to qualify as a low hand, sometimes no one will have a low and there won't be a split pot. Generally, there are two direct ways to scoop: win the high end when no one has a qualifying low or win both the high and low ends. But there's also a third way to scoop: having everyone else fold without a showdown. You can often scoop this third way when you have half the pot locked up, with a nut low or nut high, and play very aggressively. When you have half the pot locked up, you can often just use aggression to dissuade an opponent with a weak hand from trying to compete for the other half. If he doesn't call, you win. This situation tends to arise more often when you have a low hand for two reasons. One is that nut lows are easier to make than nut highs and the other is because when you have the nut low, it's not as likely someone has a draw to the nut high as it is that someone has a draw to the nut low when you have the nut high.

Because of this potential for a low-only hand to scoop, hands that really only have low potential do have scoop potential. Aggression goes a long way.

You don't just win twice as much when you scoop. The pot you win is twice the size because the amount you contribute is the same whether you get half or all of the pot; the amount you win is significantly more than twice as much. Except in rare heads up situations, the amount of the pot that you've contributed is much less than half.
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