Online or off, most casino online poker gamess consist of eight to ten players plus a dealer (although Internet online poker games also offers lots of designated shorthanded games).
Sizing Up Your Opponents
During the early stages of the tournament, you'll see a few hyperaggressive players. These are players who think that they have to build up a stack of chips quickly. Most of these players will bust out early. You need to quickly become aware who these players are at your table and use extra caution if they are acting behind you. If they are in front of you, use isolation raises to get heads up with them whenever you have a solid hand.

When your opponents get short stacked, you expect them to begin playing weaker hands. This starts happening in volume in the later stages of the tournament. They don't always have a lot of choice and many of them will begin to feel pressure to "do something." So the short stacks will loosen up, but the big stacks often get more aggressive whenever they're competing against a short stack.
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