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In this topic we have explained how to use pot odds to determine whether to call or fold with a likely second-best hand. When all the cards are out, your hand is worth a call if you think your chances of winning are better than your pot odds. Before the draw in draw online poker games and with exactly one card to come in stud games, your decision to call with a hand that needs to improve depends upon these factors:

Your chances of improving, taking into account the needed cards already out against you (in stud) and any extra outs you might have.
Your chances of winning if you do improve.
The odds you are getting on this next-to-last round of betting, taking into account the possibility of a raise behind you if you are not the last to act.
Your expected extra profits on the last round of betting if you do make your hand.
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Early Position
Careful hand selection is important in early position-the first two or three spots after the blinds in hold'em or Omaha and the first couple of players after the bring-in in seven-card stud. It's critical in hold'em. You need to be very careful in early position. In hold'em, you have almost no information about the other players all you know is your own hand. And at each betting round, you'll have to act first. You'll always have to act before any new information comes available.
In stud, if you're first to act after the bring-in, you only know each player's upcard. This is more information than you have in hold'em when you're first, which is part of the reason position is so much more important in hold'em, but even then, you're at a disadvantage by being first, no matter how many cards you can see.

You have to act based only on the information you have, and since it's limited, you're usually going to be better off if you look for reasons to fold from early position. Rather than looking at your hand to try to determine value, you should be looking at your hand to identify weaknesses, risk factors, or anything less than maximum strength or power. Fold all but the very strong starting hands. This means stick with big cards in hold'em and big cards that are live in stud.
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