7 Card Stud
A variation on online poker games. 3 to 5 players can play this games. The initial deal is two cards down and one card up to each player. The first betting round starts with the highest hand showing or for the first round the high card. Then another card is dealt up and another betting round this is repeated until there are four cards face up. Then a final card is dealt down and a final betting round held. The ranking of the hands are the same as regular online poker games except to take the five best cards out of the ones you are dealt. Variations on the games is to allow wild cards and a five of a kind. This is personally my favorite kind of online poker games.
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Cardroom Poker
Take your time. You don't have to let them rush you. And you certainly don't have to let them confuse you. Cardrooms have their own way of doing things. If you're uncertain about a rule or procedure, just stop and ask the dealer for an explanation.

Even though poker is probably the most popular card game in America, twenty years ago only three states had legal cardrooms. Today, public cardrooms are now in sixteen states and private poker games are legal in most states. The growth in the cardroom industry is creating a surge of new interest in poker.

Since this recent growth of the cardroom industry in the United States, procedural rules for the games commonly played in cardrooms have become fairly standardized. There's no central body that dictates procedures, and every cardroom does have its own idiosyncrasies, but cardrooms do tend to have many of the same procedures.

Hold'em, seven-card stud, and, to a lesser extent, Omaha and Omaha hi/lo split (8 or better) are the primary cardroom poker games spread. You'll sometimes find seven-card stud hi/lo split (8 or better). The rules for play in the standard games only have small differences between cardrooms. Some players still use the terms "Texas hold'em" and "Omaha hold'em" to distinguish between these two games. I don't do that-I just call the game when you get two cards and combine zero, one, or two of them with five, four, or three of the cards on the board hold'em and the game where you get four cards and combine two of them with three from the board Omaha.

This book covers the procedural aspects of these games, then delves into the important strategic concepts of poker. These concepts are common to all the games. Because it's the most popular and most common casino poker game, most of the examples I give involve hold'em. The book does, however, cover the basics of all the games typically found in cardrooms.
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