7 Card Stud
There are three variations: high, low and high-low. In seven-card high, the highest ranking hand takes the pot, in seven-card low, the lowest hand wins and in seven-card high-low the plyers vie for both extremes with the highest hand and the lowest hand each claiming half the pot.

In each variation, players receive seven cards (surpirse, surprise). After the first three cards are dealt (two face down, one up) there is a betting round. The next three are dealt open with a betting round after each. The last card comes "down and dirty". The remaining players, who haven't folded, therefore have four open and three closed cards from which they choose their best hand.
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In Boss Command
Holding A-K, you have raised to isolate, and gotten head sup against one foe. The flop comes A-3-7 rainbow. Your opponent bets. Should you fold, call, or raise?

COMMENT: Raise. Your opponent is highly unlikely to have a better hand than you have here. Maybe he got supremely lucky and flopped a set or A-little two pair, in which case you'll hear about it soon enough and can proceed with appropriate caution. It's much more likely, though, that he's betting with a worse ace than yours, trying to drive you off whatever miserable cheese he feels you had the effrontery to raise with in the first place. (Maybe he's a stealth ace victim here.) Don't get cute and just call. Get maximum value, for this is another case where your opponent's subjective reality can be used against him. Players holding lesser aces will find it very difficult to get away from this hand. If they do wake up and put you on a better ace, they'll start hoping to hit their kicker or they'll contrive to convince themselves that you're bluffing. Of course, you don't want to be bluffing in this situation; nor should you do so if you know that your opponent is capable of playing bad aces to begin with. Simply restrict yourself to good aces, push them hard, and make money on your foes' optimistic calls.
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