Straight Flush
This thrilling holding is made up of five sequenced cards, all of the same suit, such as 87 654 or

Player A
Player B
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Online Poker Guru Tips
It is very important to understand that when we talk about making a mistake according to the Fundamental Theorem of online poker games, we're not necessarily talking about playing badly. We're talking about a very strange kind of mistake -playing differently from the way you would if you could see all your opponents' cards. If we have a royal flush and someone has a king-high straight flush, that poker player is making a mistake to call me. But a poker player surely cannot be accused of playing badly by calling or, as is much more likely, raising with a king-high straight flush. Since he doesn't know what we have, he is making a mistake in a different sense of the word.

Slots and online video poker are identical when it comes to practical issues like coins or bills, tracking wins and losses, handling a big win, and avoiding confusion in the clamor of the casino.
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