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Expanding World of Electronic Gaming


The computer chip has done wonders for the gaming industry. games can be played without supervision, and are programmed to give the casino a solid edge, while baiting players to put in more and more coins for bigger and bigger jackpots. games like video online poker games have exploded in popularity, with large areas of casinos devoted to them. All casinos need in the way of personnel are change persons and mechanics, plus a supervisory floor man.

Even the use of floor people is optional, since no disputes will arise between a human dealer and a player. Change persons may also become redundant in the near future, as most machines now take cash directly. What happens is this: suppose you sit down at a video online poker games machine and you don't see a change person around and the nearest cashier is at the other end of the casino. Not to worry. You simply take a $20 bill from your wallet or purse and slide it into the machine. If you're playing a 25-cent machine, eighty credits will flash on the screen, and you can go ahead and play. This helps you and the casino.

It helps you because you can play at a much faster rate with credits, rather than constantly pushing in five coins at a time and waiting for a winner so you can get some credits to play off. With credits, all you have to do is touch the maximum credits button and the cards flash on the screen. This also aids the casinos because the faster the play, the more money they make. The customer waiting for a change person is an irritated gambler, as well as one who isn't playing a machine.

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Naked Ace Raisers
Some people think it's correct to raise under the gun or in early position with hands like A-9 or A-8 suited. They may be serving the larger purpose of bullying the table, or they may think their foes won't fight, but they are, in this instance at least, out ahead of their hands. They're hoping that their early position raise will make their hand seem stronger than it is, and allow them to steal the pot on any scary flop. We label these players naked ace raisers, or NARs, and devise a strategy to deal with them accordingly.

First, recognize that NARs don't make early position raises with naked aces only. They may be pushing middle pairs, or Q-J suited, or some other substandard hand. In most cases they're counting on their own post-flop aggression to carry the day. Knowing this, vary your play by simply calling with hands you might otherwise three-bet. Assume that you have the best hand (unless and until circumstances suggest otherwise). From here you can flat-call many flops and take the pot away on the turn. Since your enemy is out ahead of his hand, he often can't afford to follow through on his plan. He was hoping to face no opposition on later streets, but your strategically placed resistance thwarts his scheme.
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