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The Progressive Jackpot


Let's discuss the progressive jackpot and the various payoffs that result from players being dealt big hands. Here is a list of the progressive jackpot payoffs:

Royal Flush 100% of meter (Jackpot)
Straight Flush 10% of meter
Four of a Kind $500
Full House $100
Flush $75

In order to qualify for any of the progressive jackpot payoffs, a player has to place $1 in the drop slot or "progressive slot" prior to being dealt any cards. If he has been dealt one of the above hands, he must inform the dealer of this fact. A player, for example, may be dealt a pat flush and not show his cards. Once they're taken away, he's forfeited the right to the $75 payoff. This may occur when the dealer doesn't have a qualifying hand. Since the players' cards are face down, the dealer simply pays off the winning bets without looking at the gamblers' cards. It is the player's responsibility to turn over his cards if he has a hand that merits a progressive jackpot payoff.

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Hand Selection and The First Betting Round

One of the keys to scooping is getting them to give up the pot without a fight. Catching scare cards helps you to accomplish this. If they see you with three wheel cards showing, they'll often give up their high pairs, conceding the pot to you because they fear a wheel.

Three-card straights can be good hands to start with in the right circumstances. The smaller the starting straight, the better the hand. Wheel draws like a 345, especially if you have a two flush, can be very good starts if you have good position and aren't likely to be raised. It's important to get in cheaply with these marginal hands that can potentially develop into something. If they don't develop on fourth street, dump the hand and try again next time.

In a typical, loose game, you don't want to even start with most hands that only have a chance to win the high half. The only exceptions would be trips or a pair of Aces. Even a pair of Aces should probably have a suited card or a baby card to go along with it (preferably a wheel card suited with one of the Aces). If there's a lot of raising going on at third street, you'll want to muck most Ace pairs. The reason is that with a lot of action there is a good chance that your Aces aren't live.
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