Deception and the Size of the Pot
Another criterion for deciding how to play a hand is the size of the pot. As the pot grows larger and larger, it becomes less and less important to disguise your hand because good players are not likely to fold any more than bad players are. Nor will good players try to bluff as much when you show weakness, because they too recognize that the pot is so big there is almost no chance you will fold. So when the pot has become large, you usually no longer have to think about using deception.
Think Like a Closer 
A closer in baseball is a pitcher who comes into the game to get the final outs, to close out the win. These hurlers routinely perform in high-stress situations with runners on base and the game on the line. Those who succeed in this role have, or at least claim to have, no different feelings after a win than after a loss. They can't afford to! If they felt the triumph of victory with any kind of intensity, they'd have to feel the agony of defeat with similar intensity, and this intensity of feeling would render them utterly incapable of doing their job. Applying this notion to hold'em, we can tell ourselves to think like a closer, cutting ourselves off from our highs and lows alike. This application of ice water to veins may not seem like such fun, but it improves our performance, and that's what it's all about.
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