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Caribbean Stud Tropical Games


In this site, I deal only with those games played against the house, or casino, and this games is no exception. Although it has the word "online poker games" in its title, Caribbean online poker games is strictly a table games in which the player endeavors to win by I holding cards that are stronger than those held by the dealer. Some ways this games resembles online blackjack games, but without the All that is built into "twenty-one." There are only a couple of options open to the player in Caribbean Stud online poker games (besides the size of his bet), and that is to either double his wager after hiking at his cards and one of the dealer's five cards, or fold lAs hand and lose his initial bet.

There is one other option, which I should point out, and that is whether to bet an additional dollar to qualify for tl)e progressive jackpot payoffs offered by the casino. As a general rule, this is an extremely bad bet, but all this will be averred in the appropriate sections of this page.

I first encountered Caribbean online poker games on a day cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. After watching it for a while, I realized how difficult it was to beat the house. Without knowing any of the correct odds, I could immediately see that it was stricture heavily in favor of the casino. My feeling proved right, because after watching the games for about half an hour, I saw every participant go belly-up and lose his or her initial bankroll.

Caribbean stud online poker games is a popular games on the cruise ships and the Caribbean resorts that permit gaming. It has now spread to the legalized casinos in America, and it has attracted some interest among the players who want to try their luck at a fairly mindless games. Most people know the rudiments of online poker games, and are familiar with various online poker games hands, so they quickly understand the rules of this games. Another factor is that the betting is fairly simple. And if you make a mistake, it affects only your money. Many novices are nervous about playing a game like online blackjack games, because their decision to hit or stand may affect the outcome of the entire table, and if they make a mistake that costs the other players money, they get dirty looks or worse. But in Caribbean Stud online poker games you play only your hand. Actually, you don't really even play your hand, because there is no raising, no psychology, no real skill. Your basic decision is whether to fold your cards or double your bet. After that, the final outcome is out of your hands

Planet Steal
Information is power. Knowing your opponent to be a blind-weevil-with-starting-requirements, the only hands you genuinely feared with this flop were the five big pairs, and he was much less likely to have one of those holdings than the aforementioned unpaired wheelhouse cards. Your check-call on the flop looked like a weak, loose call, but it was actually a practical call, looking for a favorable turn card-not a card that hit your hand, but one that fit the play you planned to make. You could afford to make the call because you knew exactly where you're at in this hand: A scare card, such as A, K, or Q will let you slip away from the hand without further damage, but anything from 9 down, roughly two-thirds of the deck, sets up your checkraise gambit. You check, he bets, you raise, he folds. Alternatively, he checks behind your check, effectively surrendering the orphan pot to your river bet.

Two things are required in order to make this play work. The first is analysis. You must have a firm fix on your opponent. You must know that he's capable of blind stealing. You must know that he's capable of taking a shot at the pot on the flop with nothing. You must know that he'll take your check-raise as a successful trap play and be able to get away from his hand. In other words, in order to play your opponent effectively on the turn, you must know where he's at before and after the flop. If you've been paying attention (not just in this hand but all along) you'll have all the data you need right here.
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