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Three-Card Playing Strategy


Keep the first bet intact if you are dealt the following hands:

1. Three of a kind.

2. A pair of lOs or better.

3. Three to a straight flush, such as 8, 9, and 10 of diamonds.

4. Three to a royal flush, with three high cards, such as king, queen, and 10 of spades. In our strategically discussion, a
high card is a 10 or better, since a pair of lOs qualifies for a payout.

5. Three to a flush, with two high cards, and a chance for a straight as well, such as king, jack, and 9. Here, a player would
have to hit the 10 and queen for a straight, but there is still the possibility of pairing the king or jack.

6. Three to a flush with one high card, if one card can form an open-ended straight, such as a jack, 9, and 8 of clubs. If the
fourth card is a 10, then the player now holds an open ended straight, with the possibility of pairing two high cards.
And if the fourth card is a club, there is a chance for a flush, with a payoff of 8-1.

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Turn, Turn, Turn
Fixed-limit hold'em being what it is, the turn is where many players turn tail and run. They'll take a flier on anything on the flop because, what the heck, it's only one small bet, and they've still got two cards coming. These same players, though, will frequently deny themselves that second draw by folding on the turn for the price of a big bet. This is worth remembering: If you flop an open-ended straight draw, you're only about a 2-ldog to make your straight between here and the river-but only if you stay till the river.

Your single draw on the turn is only a one-in-five shot. That's why you have to compute your odds bet by bet, or else commit yourself in advance to seeing all bets. Many players miscalculate their odds on the flop and cower out on the turn.
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