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The concepts discussed in this page may be summed up in a few sentences. All online poker games begins as a struggle for the antes. The size of the ante determines the way you play to a large extent, because if you don't struggle properly for the antes, you cost yourself money one way or the other - either by playing too many hands when there's a small ante or too few when there's a large ante. With a low ante you should play tight (except in the cases noted above), and as the ante increases, you should loosen up.

The basic concept set forth in this topic is a simple one. When the pot is big, you want to win it right away. To try to win it right away, you should bet and raise as much as possible, hoping to drive everybody out, but at least reducing the opposition. You should bet and raise with the best hand, and you should frequently do the same even with a hand you think maybe second best. The fewer opponents you have in a pot, the greater your chances of winning it, even if those chances are less than 50 percent; and when the pot gets large, winning it should be your foremost concern.
Tell 'em You Quit Winners Every Time
Furthermore, tell them that you will tell them this every time, whether you quit winners or not, and explain your reasons why. Let them join you, just like your poker-playing allies join you, in your quest to detach from outcome. In this way you remove the pressure of their well-intended expectations, which leaves you free to concentrate on playing your best game, regardless of how the tally turns out.

Sadly, some people in your life may actually want you to lose. Can you believe it? Do you accept it? Does it cross your mind (or is it a fact already known to you) that there are people in your life who view your poker playing as degenerate behavior? They may give you overt support but covertly root for you to lose, just to reinforce for themselves their cherished beliefs that gambling is bad and gamblers get punished. If there are such people in your life and you can get them out of your life, I would certainly encourage you to do so, for they're toxic and negative and wrongheaded and who needs that? Then again, it may not be possible for you to get them out of your life. They may be relatives or in-laws or co-workers or otherwise affined to you, and you may be stuck with them and their negative opinion of the hold'em you hold dear. For these people especially I suggest that you always tell 'em you quit winners and never care if they don't believe you. That way their negative opinion is their problem, not your problem, and you can carry on with your game.

If you don't care for the phrase "I quit winners," use one of your own coinage. What other positive (or neutral) statement could you give to anyone who asks how it recently went?
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