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Video Online Poker Games


With the computer age well under way throughout the world, it was no surprise that gambling should be affected by the new technology.
By being played electronically, without any casino personnel necessary to deal cards, make payoffs, or attend to customers, video online poker games greatly reduces the casino's overhead. And the casino loves situations where it can collect money without paying attention to the gamblers. Of course, for the video online poker games machines they need change persons and mechanics. But one change person can handle dozens of games, and one mechanic can handle a whole casino of video online poker gamess.
Of all the games introduced in the last decade, nothing compares with the phenomenal growth of video online poker games. On my last visit to Las Vegas, I spoke with several long-time residents who had been able to resist the temptation to gamble, except for a fling of a couple of dollars every month on the slot machines. But they were hooked on the video online poker gamess. With good reason.
When you play a slot machine, you simply put in coins and pull a handle. There will either be a payoff or a loss. Rarely will there be a jackpot. But there are no decisions to make, and you can bet mindlessly and endlessly as long as your coins hold out. You can play two or three or even more machines at once, going from one to another, feeding the coins, and Pulling the handles. You'll know instantly whether you have won or lost. Coins will drop into the well, or a bell will ring
indicating that you've hit the jackpot. If nothing happens, if you're greeted with silence on the part of the slots, you've lost. Simple and mind-resting.

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Hold'em is a game of big cards and position. The big pair rules in hold'em and the big pair from late position rules ruthlessly. One of the things that makes position so important in hold'em is that your position remains fixed from betting round to betting round. This gives you a strong strategic advantage when in late position. Daniel Negreanu, a poker tournament pro in Las Vegas and Card Player columnist, refers to the last four playing positions in hold'em as his "office." This is because late position is where he plays most of his hands, being much more hesitant to get involved from early position. This is the way to play hold'em. There's no need to get involved from early position, where it's hard to know whether you have the best of it or not because you have to act first. Betting with the best of it is what playing winning poker is all about. Wait a couple of hands, then you'll be the one acting last, you'll be the one with the information, you'll be the one who can bet or raise with some confidence.
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